Friday, 16 March 2012

Still Hobbling

After my fall at the Bath Half Marathon last weekend my right knee has been in a bit of a bad state, on Monday I could hardly walk, Tuesday I still had a lot of pain whilst walking, by Wednesday I could just about walk pain free so yesterday (Thursday) I tried a 1 mile jog in the morning and it was painful! The pain didn't get any worse throughout the jog but didn't really get any better either. After the morning jog my knee seemed to loosen off so in the afternoon I went for another run this time around 3 miles, it was better than it had been in the morning but I still had very restricted movement.

Originally my plan for this weekend was to do a 20mile race but unless I am running totally pain free by tomorrow this will be a no go and right now I am very doubtful that's going to happen :-(

The Start of the Bath Half Marathon 2012

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