Saturday, 27 November 2010

Back Again

Been very busy recently, lots going on and lots to sort out.

Had a couple of races recently, Lordshill 10mile, Hampshire League Cross Country and Gosport Half Marathon. Really enjoyed getting back to racing, was good to see some old faces and nothing beats the feeling of winning a race!!

As I think some people already know I am off to train in Kenya at the end of this year, can't wait to go but have loads to do before I do.....

I will try and keep posting and have just purchased a little pocket camcorder so I can video blog when I'm out in Kenya. I think some people might be quite interested to see how the Kenyans live/train (I know I am!!) and hopefully I can learn a lot from them and come back a better athlete. If nothing else I think it's going to be an experience!!!

Anyway for now, over and out...

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