Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Not so easy Tuesday

45min steady run before porridge for breakfast followed by a bit of stretching. Busy, busy day at work, never a bad thing as it makes the time fly by. Travelled up to the track in Winchester after work for a tough session with Toby, 6 x 1 mile hard off 75 seconds. We decided to take it out on the road as we thought it could get pretty boring on the track. Good decision as we worked hard together, second mile was all up quite a steep hill and we still did a 5 min mile. The sixth mile was back down the same hill and we finished the session off with a 4.20 mile, fastest my legs have turned for a long time!!

On my way home from Winchester I got a message from my dad telling me he had been "attacked" by a Jack Russell when he was cycling which made him skid on some gravel and fall off his bike, he had to go and see the nurse to get "patched up" but is fine and raring to get back on the bike - made me chuckle a bit - sorry dad!

Knackered now so off to bed for an early night :-O