Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cr*p Cr*p Cr*p

Well I'm sure from the title of todays post you can tell things aren't quite right! 45min run in the morning felt like I was carrying a house on my back, boring day at work with everyone wafting cakes in front of my face then a terrible session on the track (3 x 800m/800m/400m).

Not right in the head at the moment, once I get things sorted I'm sure things will start to fall in to place again, but at the moment it seems as though I will never get back to the times I've run over the last few years, let alone move on to the times I know I'm capable of.

Must stay positive and crack on with things. Exciting day Friday, so for the time being I will focus on that and not all the negative stuff that is going on around me.

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