Monday, 11 October 2010

Easy Monday

Nice easy day training wise today, just 2 x 5miles with some core work and lots of stretching.

I sent out emails to most of my work colleagues before I finished at the end of last week telling them all that I was leaving Pall at the end of the year to pursue my running, so was greeted with a host of really nice emails wishing me luck, it made me slightly sad to be leaving for a few minutes, then I remembered I wouldn't have to sit staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day!!

I think people have noticed that my attitude at work has changed, not that I don't work hard but that I am more relaxed and a bit more "cheeky" towards the other people in the office. I worked out today that I have 50 working days left at Pall, quite a scary thought really as I have so much to sort out before I finish.

Strange dinner tonight of a roast chicken leg with mustard and kale mush and a white wine sauce, sometimes you just have to use whats in the fridge/cupboard, but it tasted good so that's the main thing.

Session up at Winchester tomorrow night, 6 x 1mile, looking forward to it.

Off to do some painting now :-P

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