Saturday, 9 October 2010

Alton Sports

Fun day working in Alton Sports - Farnham today. Easy 30mins before work, busy day at the office, time flew past, always enjoy working when I can talk about running all day long, getting paid always helps as well!!

Alton Sports @ Farnham
After work young Mr Lambert and myself went for a 75min run around the Army grounds, ticking along at a very decent pace, definitely the best I've felt for quite a while, easily could have carried on for a long time but we were stopped by lack of light.

Arrived home at around 8p.m. and for my sins I'm now sitting watching the X-Factor, can't say I'm a fan but it is easy entertainment and can be quite amusing. Looking forward to a nice 20 miler tomorrow morning, looks like the weather will be good for it, then I'm going to have a nice lazy day before back to work on Monday.

Time for some more food now..... Definitely one of the advantages of running 100+ miles a week.... lots of food needed for recovery :-)

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