Monday, 3 October 2011

Churston Champion

After not being able to break six minutes for a mile a few weeks ago the sea air down in Torquay seems to have done the trick and yesterday I won the Churston Flyer 5 mile road race in 25.49. Not a spectacular time but if you had told me even last week that I would be running that time I wouldn't believe it.....

I had some family support at the race with my mum finding her new vocation as a camcorder operator getting a few short videos of the start and finish of the race.

As I've said before Torquay is great for training and I even joined in with Torbay AC for a few of their training runs, a really nice group of guys and it always makes a run go quicker when you have someone to chat with.

Hopefully my training will continue to improve and I can start to look forward to racing well this Autumn.

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