Sunday, 12 February 2012

Out of the cold.

All settled in here in Portugal. So far I have been very lucky with the weather as everyday has been blue skies and between 15 and 20 Degrees, perfect for marathon training. On my first full day here I did a marathon distance training run which felt good then three days after that I had a 12km tempo run which although my legs were still a little tired from the long run it went well.

I have been joined out here by my Dutch friend Mark who has been enjoying the good weather as much as I have, before he flew out to meet me he has temperatures of -23 in Amsterdam!

Today we went to the cross country course in Albufiera as there was a local cross country taking place. There were some good competitive races both in the men's and women's divisions.

Most of my morning runs I have been enjoying the long beaches that they have out here, really good for running on when the tide is out. This time of the year down in the Algarve it is really quiet which is nice although it does mean that a lot of places are closed down until the tourist season starts up, at least I don't have to worry about dodging tourists when I'm running around the marina.

The beach, just a few minutes jog from my apartment.


  1. Hi Tom, Don't know if you'll remember me - was out in Portugal with (ex) Full Potential a couple of years ago. Will you still be out there on 11th March (when I'm going out for 10 days with 2:09) ? Have an idea about going out to Kenya in a couple of years time, that I'd like to pick your brains about. Margaret (Ehrenberg) (W55 who Nick and Keith always complained was running too many miles :-))

    1. Hi Margaret, of course I remember you. I would be happy to offer any advise about training in Kenya. Drop me an email at