Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Starting to get interesting

Things got a little more interesting today, can't say anything yet but it could be just what I'm looking for..... I have a meeting about it on 8th October so will be able to give a full update after that, stay posted....

Knackered today... 12 mile run to work, at my desk by 7.30a.m. not the best idea ever, made the day drag on forever! 10 mile run home in the pouring rain.

Missy (my cat) was waiting patiently for her dinner on my return, not sure what she does all day but she doesn't have a bad life!! Quite similar to a full time athlete in fact, she gets up goes out for a little run, home for some food then rests and sleeps for the rest of the day, maybe another little run, some more food and some more sleeping.....

Missy resting in the grass
Over and out.

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