Sunday, 5 December 2010


I can't believe that it was a year ago that I raced in the Fukuoka marathon.

Fukuoka Marathon 2009
Fukuoka is most definitely the top event I have ever competed in, the organisers looked after us so well and for a race with only a few hundred runners the crowd on the course was awesome. The after party was brilliant with every food you could ever want. The Japanese are such nice people, they all have such respect for each other and their environment. If anyone ever gets the opportunity to race in Fukuoka or Japan I would highly recommend it. If I get the chance again I will jump at it.

Shame to see Andrew Lemoncello drop out of this years edition, he was obviously going for it as he went through in 64.28. Definite respect for him on that one and I'm sure when he gets it right we will see a sub 2.10 out of him.

My training has been ticking along quite well, I'm trying to stay in good shape but be fresh enough so when I get to Kenya I can handle all the work and not be dropped too much!!

Well at least the snow has gone now, but its still freezing. I checked the weather out in Kenya and its currently 24degC out in Eldoret.....

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