Monday, 20 December 2010

The Hard Work Starts Here

Just finished two easy weeks, so I'm nice and refreshed and ready to start some hard training. Thinking about it, I guess this is the start of my marathon training. It's been over a year now since I ran my last marathon and I can't wait to get back to the training and racing.

Not very inspiring weather today for training, I like running in the snow but when it's icy or deep slush it can be very miserable, but managed to knock out a good 12 miles this morning and another 10 this evening.

My replacement at work started a week ago, so I'm trying to pass on as much of my knowledge that I've gained over the last 6+ years to him, not an easy thing to do in 8.5 days but I'm trying my best! I let Mark (my replacement) sit in the "hot seat" today and answer the phone, reply to emails etc, I guess the best way to learn is to actually do the job, this means that I get to sit in the background and catch up on some sleep, offering advise when needed.

It's quiet at home tonight, Rebecca finished work last Friday so travelled up to Nottingham today to spend Christmas with here parents. She took our cat Missy with her so no-one to greet me when I got back from work :-( I was never a "cat person" until we got Missy but it's surprising how much personality they can have, I even think she was quite fond of me, probably as I was the breakfast giver, if I ever slept beyond 7a.m. she was quick to wake me with a quick whack to the head.

Off to see Mr Toby Lambert for a run around Alton and some food tomorrow night, should be good.


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