Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Going Home

Just got back to Essex after a really good 10 days down in Torquay. I feel relaxed and ready to get back to Iten. Training down in Torquay was great and I did some of my best running since I've been back from Kenya. I'm now back to running twice every day adding some quality work such as tempo running and hill sprints.

Running along the coastal path near Torquay
My dad joined me for the last few days at the apartment and even came out on the bike when I went training, he managed to get quite a few decent photos when he finally caught me up after struggling slightly on some on the steeper hills!

Training on the grass track - 5 min jog from where I live
I'm only going to Iten for a month this time as a sort of preparation phase, and will be back in the UK for the second half of July to get in some races. I feel personally if I don't race for long periods I get a bit "race rusty" and there is no better training than a good race!

So tomorrow evening myself and my mother will be flying off to Kenya for another stint at "training with the Kenyans", although my mum won't be training she is just visiting to see where I have been living etc.

Can't wait to get back....

More running in Torquay

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