Saturday, 18 June 2011

Karibu Kenya!

Finally back in Iten after a long drive from Nairobi via a safari at Lake Nakuru. As my mum has come back with me I thought it would be nice if we checked out some of the scenery and wildlife that Kenya has to offer and as Lake Nakuru is on the way to Iten I arranged for us to have a safari around the lake and we weren't disappointed! We had beautiful weather and managed to see lions, white rhino, buffalo, zebra, gazelle, baboons etc etc. Definitely worth the long drive.

Mum at Lake Nakuru

After landing at 8 in the morning we finally arrived at Kerio View in Iten at about 7p.m. Pretty tired after the long drive and not much sleep on the plane before and luckily my mums room had a spare bed so I crashed there for the night. Up early the next morning to meet Edwin for my first run back in Iten. It just so happened that we did the same run as my very first run ever in Iten way back in December last year. Luckily this time around it wasn't half as painful! Although I did get out of breath very quickly up the hills. I'm going to make sure I build things up slowly this time, so lots of easy running for a week or two until I'm fully acclimatised then I can start putting in some harder, faster work.

It's brilliant to be back here in Kenya and great to show my mum where I have been living and all the new friends I have made. We met with Edwins sister Pamela today who is really lovely, she was telling my mum how I am one of the family and I think it made my mum happy to know that I am looked after and have a lot of friends here in Iten.

I found out today that it is the district track and field champs in Iten next weekend so I will look forward to watching, maybe if I had been here a little longer I would have had a go at the 5000m, but I think I will just enjoy watching this time!

Like I said its great to be back and meet up with all my friends, it was especially nice to see Gav, Lauren and Finn.

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