Friday, 3 June 2011

Last Night in London

My time in London has come to an end as I travel to Torquay tonight. I'm really looking forward to a bit of alone time but will miss my Kenyan friends.

The Run-Fast team and my housemates
I've had a really good time here in London over the past few months and made some good new friends (and met up with some old ones) but now it's time to refocus on running and try to get back on track.

As I said I'm travelling down to Torquay where my parents have a lovely apartment where I will be staying until I fly to Kenya on the 15th June. If anyone is around the Torquay area over the next 10 days and fancy going out for a run let me know, I would be happy to have the company.

I had a lovely message from a new Malaysian friend called Leon who said he has been reading my blog since last year and it has really inspired him and motivated him to run! To know I have inspired anyone to do anything is such a good feeling! If I have learnt anything from this journey I am taking it's if you have a dream you have to chase it, maybe you won't make it but at least you will never have any regrets about not trying.

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