Sunday, 29 May 2011

Back To Brum

After a busy week at work with endless trips to and from the Canadian Embassy, I had my first experience of the Megabus up to Birmingham to see my old University friends Tom Bigham (aka Bigears) and Duncan Tipton (aka Tippy, Whipper, Pea Helmet....). I met up with Tom at New Street and we had a little wander and some lunch reliving some old memories then back to his place in Moseley and watched the machinist on DVD, I can't believe how much weight Christian Bale lost for that movie!! We then drove over to Stourbridge to have a delicious Thai meal at the restaurant where Duncan's wife works. Had a great evening laughing about old times and making plans to meet up again in the future.
Mr Duncan Tipton

I've finally booked my flights back to Kenya (15th June), I feel my injury is on the mend and the time is right to start pushing on with some serious training. As I'm back in London now I will take a walk tomorrow with my Kenyan house mates to watch the London 10km, should be a good one.

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