Friday, 6 May 2011


What a busy week it's been. I wanted to blog about an excellent Ethiopian restaurant I went to on Tuesday but I haven't had chance since. We went to the Queen of Sheba in Kentish town and I was really impressed, delicious food and really friendly service all accompanied by good company (thanks to Ben, Amelia and John) and the sound track of everyones favourite Ethiopian musician ???? Damn I've forgotten his name.

I've started to immerse myself in the world of athlete management, working for Run-Fast and worryingly I am enjoying it a bit to much. When your passion is running and all day you get to search through races, look at results, speak to athletes etc and get paid to do it things can't be too bad!! A lot of my time is spent picking up and dropping off athletes from various UK airports and today one of the athletes I picked up was a guy called Isaac Kimutai. This is Isaacs first time out of Kenya and seemed as excited as a school boy when he arrived in London. He is one of the nicest guys you could ever want to meet and I really hope he does well as he really deserves this break he has been given.

Isaac racing in Iten
This evening I had a brilliant time meeting up with my best friend from university, Mr Tom Bigham (aka Bigears). As a typical man I am and have been totally rubbish at keeping in touch with friends but through the powers of facebook finally arranged to meet up with bigears. I think this was the first time we have seen each other for about 4 years but it was great to see him and I'm sure I won't leave it that long again. We had a good laugh about our crazy uni days and what we used to get up to.

Off to Hampshire tomorrow for three days of Alton Sports work.

Good Night.

My Uni friends Bigears (on right) and Tippy (on left) during their travels after finished Uni. (don't ask what they are doimg!)

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