Monday, 2 May 2011

Busy Boy

I've been very busy recently and I think this has been exaggerated by the fact that apart from running I pretty much haven't done anything else for the first four months of the year! On Friday I took Edwin Kipyego down to watch the big wedding, we couldn't get anywhere near the procession route and ended up watching it on the big screens in Trafalgar Square which was good as there was a fantastic atmosphere. I think Edwin really enjoyed it although he was a little disappointed that he didn't get to see the happy couple.

Edwin and myself in Trafalgar Square
Edwin flying the flag for the UK

After all the excitement of the wedding Edwin decided to sleep for the rest of the day but I took a trip to see Mr Nick Anderson which was really good as he had pretty much the same theories as I did to why I didn't run well at London and a lot of good suggestions of how to improve things. On Saturday I was back at Alton Sports in Farnham where we had a really busy day.

On Sunday I had my first ever taste of running around Richmond Park in London and boy was I impressed! Beautiful place to run. We had a really multicultural group, Myself representing the UK, then we had one Kenyan, one Somalian, an Eritrean and an Australian! I ended up doing 90 mins and didn't feel to bad apart from this niggiling abdominal injury I have that hopefully can be fixed by a visit to the physio this week. I'm working for the next 18 days straight and building back up into full training so will be a busy boy before I go back to Kenya.

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