Friday, 13 May 2011

And the sessions begin

This week I had my first physio appointment so made my way down to Teddington to see Paul Hobrough at After a few tests and finding out I have one leg slightly shorter than the other Paul thinks I have a tight rectus abdominis and a weak pelvic floor. He has given me various stretching and strengthening exercises to do before I go back next week. The good news was that Paul wants me to start doing sessions to see how this effects the injury, so Thursday I did my first session since the London marathon, 5 x 5 minutes at threshold pace. Legs felt ok which was good news and my abdominal injury didn't flare up at all

If all goes well and the injury keeps improving I am planning on racing myself fit over the next three weeks then back to Iten :-) for a months worth of altitude training before targeting some races through the end of July and August.

This weekend I'm down in Pompey to work for Alton Sports at the Hampshire County Track & Field Championships. If anyone needs a good deal on a pair of shoes of some kit the pop along and we can sort you out.

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