Monday, 23 May 2011

Another Night, Another Bed....

Back from a rather unsuccessful trip to Den Haag with a few of the Run-Fast lads. They were taking part in the Royal 10km, and unfortunately both had a very unsatisfactory race, not even breaking 30mins. I used the race as a tempo run and paced the lead women round to a new personnal best. This race actually turned me into a proffessional athlete as I was paid an appearance fee of 200 Euros! I will try not to spend it all at once! Apart from the race we had a good weekend including a "Europe vs Africa" pool competition that I am happy to report Europe won 3-0.

I'm planning on going back to Kenya in 3 weeks time, and will be doing things differently than last time. To start with just a one month stint up in Kenya, building things up slowly and trying to get comfortable running at marathon pace at altitude. Can't wait to get back to Kenya and refocus on running.
Before I go I have lots to do an sort out. Finances to get in order (doesn't everyone!), friends and family to visit, training and racing to plan.

We have a few of our Kenyans going home this week so on Wednesday I am taking them for a sight seeing tour of London, all the usual sights and probably the natural history museum, I think the Kenyans should enjoy it especially knowing that entry is free!

Sometimes living with the Kenyans is like living with children, last night one of the guys (mentioning no names.... Elisha Meli Tarus!!!) nearly burnt the flat down. Elisha decided to pour some oil on a very hot hob causing a rather large chip pan fire, he then paniced and threw the pan on the floor, luckily fireman Kiprop was on hand to save the day and I calmly covered it with a damp tea towel putting out the fire! Who knows what would have happened if I hadn't been there! All good fun in the Run-Fast Flat. After all the comotion we enjoyed our 33rd night in a row of ugali and cabbage stew... joy....

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