Thursday, 23 June 2011

Meeting Friends

I've been back in Kenya nearly a week now and last night dropped my mum off at Eldoret airport to start her journey back home to the UK. I think she had a really good time meeting all my friends and exploring Iten and the surrounding area. The other day we started off by visiting Mary Keitany (London Marathon winner 2011, world record holder for the half marathon etc etc) who invited us in for chai and a chat, she is such a nice, chatty and humble lady, it's a real pleasure to be her friend, my mum was a little overwhelmed at her hospitality and very surprised at how small she is!

Mum and Mary

After this we stopped off at Ken Kibets farm who as all Kenyans was so welcoming giving us a tour of his farm, I have yet to meet an unfriendly Kenyan, there must be one!

Before coming out to Kenya my mum had collected lots of baby/kids clothes from her friends and family and we decided to give it out today, so we walked down the road from camp and stopped off at some at a few different houses to give out all the clothes. At first the mothers kept asking us how much it was but when they realised it was free they were really thankful. About six or seven women came along and shared it out between themselves, they told us they would share it out between all the neighbours. It was such a good feeling being able to give something to these people who have practically nothing, definitely one of the highlights of all my time in Kenya. I will try and get some pictures of the kids in their “very smart” new clothes. Thanks to everyone who donated stuff to my mum.

Running is getting back on track, I did my first faster pace run yesterday and although I was ok on the flat whenever I hit some hills I slowed considerably. I'm going to find some flatter routes for the next tempo type workout to make sure I get the quality and speed I'm after. Saying that even Edwin Kipyego says he is struggling with the hills at the moment while he is acclimatising, so the Kenyans suffer as well!

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  1. Love the blog, Tom. Really great to read about your experiences in Kenya, especially the hospitality and graciousness of your Kenyan friends and your own altruism.

    Best of luck with the training!