Thursday, 14 July 2011

Back with the CATS

When I was ten years old (a long, long time ago) I joined my local athletics club, Colchester and Tendering AC or the CATS. The Cats train on a Monday and Wednesday evening at the Colchester Garrison athletics track, and this was where I did the vast majority of my training between the ages of ten and eighteen.

As I'm staying with my parents in Tiptree at the moment, last night I decided to go and train on the track in Colchester, when I arrived the first person I bumped into was one of my old friends Mr Adrian Sharpe. Adrian is a truly inspirational person, he used to be a police officer and had a very bad car accident resulting in brain damage. The doctors told Adrian that he probably wouldn't be able to walk or talk again but through sheer determination, perseverance and hard work he taught himself to talk and walk again. These days Adrian coaches at the athletics club and helps at local schools teaching rugby and educating people about head injuries, like I said a truly inspirational guy.

It brought back lots of good memories training at Colchester, it even had a familiar smell?!? or maybe my vest just needs washing!

The track and clubhouse hasn't changed a bit and as always it was pretty windy but my session of 10 x 1000m, 5 x 400m went to plan. All in all a good night.

I posted the video of Asbel Kiprp doing a 400m on youtube so if you want to view it click HERE

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