Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Apart from having no power for the best part of three days, things have been going very well here in Iten. I did my best tempo run ever at altitude and definitely have a good feeling that my training is heading in the right direction, there might be hope for me yet!
On Saturday I took a trip to Edwins youngest sisters boarding school with Edwin, Kiptum, Edwins Eldest sister and her young son. The school was having an open day for friends and family to visit. Edwin told me we were going to leave at 9.30a.m. I had finished my breakfast by 9a.m. and was ready to go, I felt a little tired so thought I would take a little rest in my bed until Edwin came to get me. I awoke at 10.30 with no sign of Edwin so went outside to find him in the middle of washing the car! At 11.30 we finally departed, or so I thought as we took another hour making various stops around Iten. Leaving three hours late it was an hours drive to the school through some torrential rain.

When we arrived at the school it soon became obvious that I was the talk of the town, as I was probably the first mzungu to visit. We met with Edwins sister and had a nice lunch in the car. After lunch we were introduced to some of the teachers, who asked me as I was such a special guest to give a speech to the students including some words of encouragement! I managed to come up with something which they seemed to enjoy, I even slipped I a few jokes which made them laugh! After the speech lots of the students wanted pictures with the mzungu which I duly obliged, then off home to Iten.

Less than a week until I return to the UK where I have three 10km races planned, then back to Kenya to start the hard work of training for an autumn marathon.

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