Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Back in Iten

After a long wait in Nairobi I finally got the plane to Eldoret, on arrival I was pleased to see three friendly faces waiting for me, Ken, Kiptum and Edwin. It was great to see them after so long and on the trip back to Iten we stopped off in Eldoret for a nice dinner of beef stew and ugali. By the time we got to Iten I was shattered from all the travelling so I pretty much went straight to bed.

The next morning I was up at 6.30a.m. And out for an hour “pole pole” run. I puffed a bit up the hills but apart from that I felt ok. On the run I bumped into a few familiar faces which was nice and finished it off at the Run-Fast camp for a hot shower (bonus!) and the good old Kenyan breakfast of slices of white bread and sweet chai.

As the Run-Fast guys were doing a track session I decided to go and watch. It's always an inspiring sight to see hundreds of runners burning up the track first thing in the morning and today the Kenyans were joined by the UKA group including Paula Radcliffe.

After the track I went back to camp for some lunch and then moved into my new luxury apartment....... more on this soon........

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