Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wilson Kipsang

Sunday saw another Kenyan run ridiculously fast in the Marathon as Wilson Kipsang ran the second quickest legal time ever, only 4 seconds short of Partick Makaus recent world record. Wilson is based out in Iten and is friends with a lot of the guys I train with when I'm in Iten. I regularly see Kipsang (the Kenyans generally use surnames when talking to each other) at the popular Kamogitch cafe in the heart of Iten. In fact he owes me about three cups of tea that I have bought for him, and as he is a lot richer than I am I will make sure he pays next time!

Kipsang is one of the Kenyans who uses the typical Kenyan training routine, the tuesday track session, the thursday fartlek and the Saturday hard progressive long run, which obviously works for him. He has a big following of athletes that he trains with all hoping that they will be the next big thing.

Wilson Kipsang training on the track in Eldoret (the one in second place on the inside, blue vest). Photo courtesy of Adharanand Finn
My training has gone well apart from a total washout of a session last week. I have a grass track down here in Torquay which normally is great for running on, unfortunately due to a lot of heavy rain I had to do my session around a very water logged track which is not very good when you are trying to run fast! Sometimes you just have to get a session done and this was definitely one of those times!

For the second year in a row I worked for Toby Lambert at the Great South Run as his shop Alton Sports had a stand. Sunday was crazy busy and a very long day but good fun and I got to see some old friends that I haven't seen for a while.

This Sunday (6th November) I will be racing the Plymouth 10km and with a bit of luck with the weather hopefully I will have a good race and come away with a decent time.

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