Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Return of Kiprop

It's been four months but I am finally back in Kenya, fit, injury free and looking forward to living and training in Iten for the next few month. Hopefully I've learnt the lessons from my previous stints at altitude and I can take the steps forward I need to progress as an athlete.

I had quite a busy last day in the UK, starting with the Gosport Half Marathon. Unfortunately the race didn't go quite as planned and for some reason I got a killer stitch after about 2 miles and pretty much jogged the rest of the way. At least I got to see some friends I haven't seen for a while (thanks to Rich and Kat for putting me up the night before the race) plus I got to see my cat whom I haven't seen for nearly a year (it was an emotional reunion!)

After the race I had to shoot straight off to get back to Essex, pick up my bags, check in online, shower, quick lunch then drive to Heathrow with my mum for the flight to Nairobi. The M25 was it's usual joyous self, moving at about 10 miles an hour for most of the last 30miles. Luckily we had left in plenty of time so it wasn't a problem, although my mum does like to panic!

A good flight where I managed to get about 5 hours sleep, arriving in Nairobi at just after 9a.m. Kenyan time. My flight to Eldoret wasn't until 5p.m. So I had plenty of time to kill. About 10 minutes after I found myself somewhere to sit to female “athletes” asked if I could help them get a race, I must look like a sports manager! As their pbs weren't the best I reluctantly informed them that I couldn't help and that was the end of that.

Anyway Kiprop is back in Kenya, next stop Iten!!

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