Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Luxury Apartment

On arrival at my new pad (that costs me the pricely sum of £23 a month) I was pleasantly surprised that I had a bed complete with mattress, and more room than I remembered. I have electricity but unfortunately at the moment I don't have running water! There is a bore hole so I can get some water to use for flushing the toilet (or the hole in the floor as I like to call it) but that is about it. Hopefully the water will come on in the next few days or I might start to smell rather bad!!
My new house (the one nearest the gate)
I have met the neighbours who all seem pleasant enough, two young kids next door seem slightly weary of me but interested at the same time. We also have a guard dog in the enclosure but as the dog has never seen me before this might cause a bit of a problem, lets hope his bark is worse than his bite!!

My neighbours (the one on the right is called Kemboi)

All I need now is for the water to start running and to get myself a little gas stove and I will be all set :-)

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