Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Feeling Better...

So I have been back from Kenya for 4 days now and I am starting to really feel the benefits. Like I have said before this is all an experiment for me, I'm trying to work out what is the optimum time to come back from altitude before I race. Everyone is different and that's why I think it is hard to find some definitive advise on the best time to come down. I have found that I tend to take a good few days to recover from a long travel and definitely won't do an important race straight from altitude, maybe a low key race to help get the travel out of my legs as I did in the race the other day.

Yesterday I had my first track session back in the UK, we (the Kenyan Run-Fast team and me) travelled to Mile End track for a session of 5 x 1000m/400m all off 75 seconds. As it is less than two weeks until the marathon I made sure I ran the reps totally under control "train don't strain", but still was running about 5 seconds quicker on the 1000m reps than I had been at altitude, also I noticed during the recovery my heart rate/breathing got under control really quick. After the session we went straight back to the flat for a well earned dinner of ugali and cabbage stew.

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