Thursday, 7 April 2011


Yesterday I achieved one of my athletic ambitions, to be featured on the front page of All last night I was trying to come up with some inspirational words of wisdom so that I could get “quote of the day” but the only thing that I came up with is that I am c**p at writing so I gave up!

Spring is definitely in the air here in London which makes running all the more enjoyable. I always thought London wouldn't be very good for running but it turns out to be really good, a ten minute jog from our flat and you are on the canal, beautifully flat and not long until you can run through some parks. The Kenyans seem to train slightly differently when they are in the UK, maybe it's because of the low altitude but they tend to do all their runs very progressively starting out at a jog finishing pretty quick where back in Kenya if it is an easy run it stays very easy the whole way.

As most people could guess it's a lot more expensive to live in London than it is in Iten so the guys and girls I'm living with have made sure they get the best bargains in town, yesterday they asked if I wanted to go to the market with them which I did unknowing that we had to walk for an hour just to get there, I'm not sure if it was worth it just to save 50 pence on a bunch of bananas!

I've got a slight problem with some of my inner core muscles so I'm just taking it extra easy until the weekend to give them enough time to heal, I'm sure it won't be a problem but this close to the marathon there is no point taking risks and pushing things.

On a side note one of the Kenyans I amcurrently living with is a guy called Gordon Mugi who beat Kenenisa Bekele in the 2000 World Junior Championship 5000m:

I'm trying to find a picture of the race and when I do will post it.

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