Friday, 15 April 2011

The Nerves Start

Yesterday I became very restless around the flat and a little on edge, the first signs of nerves I think. In general I have been very relaxed about this marathon, even my mum commented that she thought I looked quite relaxed about it. Obviously I want to run well but I don't feel any pressure that I have to perform or all this change in my life will have been a waste of time, it is just another step in the adventure and I'm really looking forward to standing on the start line on Sunday.

I was featured in a really good article in Athletics Weekly this week so if anyone hasn't seen it go out and buy a copy! The article was written by Adharanand Finn who moved out to Iten at a similar time to myself. He is writing a book about the Kenyan runners which I believe comes out next year, should be really good and you never know maybe he will be the one to discover the "secret" of the Kenyan runners!

I had a good last light session on Tuesday and all has been well since then, so I think I can go into the marathon fit and healthy which in marathon running is one of the toughest things to get right.

Waiting for our lift home after the Tuesday Night Session
My very good friend Edwin Kipyego arrived from Kenya today, he is racing Leonard Komon in the Nice half marathon on Sunday, I'm really excited to see what he runs, I think if he gets it right then sub 60 could be on the cards and if he beats Komon it will really put him on the map as one of the worlds best half marathon runners.

So two more sleeps until the big day! If I don't blog tomorrow I would like to wish everyone else racing this weekend the best of luck and if anyone wants to meet up for a drink after the marathon I will be in the Tower Hotel hopefully celebrating!

Tom Kiprop

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