Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I'm currently enjoying my recovery and this splendid weather we have at the moment. Yesterday I took a long walk up to Highgate to have dinner and a few drinks with Mr Ben Moreau which was really nice. It was about 6 miles to his place from the Barbican and my legs feel much better for it.

Today I'm going to take a stroll around London and maybe pop into a few of the free museums, tomorrow I travel up to Essex to visit the folks, Sunday it's over to Hampshire for a days work for Mr Toby Lambert then back to London to start work in the Run-Fast office. I need to work for a while just to top up the bank balance and get enough money to pay for my flights back to Kenya. One of the good things about living out in Iten compared to the UK is the cost of living. I think a good example is the cafe in Iten where you can get a cup of tea and a chapati for roughly 20 pence, something similar in the UK, maybe Costa or Starbucks and you are looking at £2 - £3, about 10 times as much! And this goes for most things, I think if it costs say £1000 a month to live in the UK you can live in Iten for about £100 a month, so although I gave up my full time job, my living expenses are so small it's not really a problem.

I'm starting to put together a plan for the rest of the year with regard to racing, training and how much time to spend at altitude but there is no rush and I will take my time and try and get it right this time.

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