Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Coming Home

So tomorrow I return to the UK (briefly) and will find out if all this hard work, the altitude, being a full time athlete etc has made me a faster athlete as on Sunday I race the CPC half marathon in the Hague.

Today I had my last track session of 10 x 400m, I felt fast and relaxed and as ready as I will ever be for the race on the weekend. I don't think my training could have gone any better and apart from a few niggles my body has held together well.

Any predictions on my time on Sunday?? Closest time wins....... a pat on the back :-O

On another subject, Team Run-Fast member No.1 Edwin Kipyego had his first go at pacemaking in the Barcelona Marathon on Sunday and very successfully led them through 33km at 2.06 pace!

Edwin modeling the new Run-Fast kit
p.s. As I'm home for a few days I will be able to upload a lot of new photos and videos so check back soon.


  1. My guess is 62:39. Good luck and thanks so much for sharing your adventure in Kenya!

  2. Great blog. Sorry to see your result probably wasn' t what you were expecting. Looking fwd to reading a blow by blow description.