Thursday, 31 March 2011

An Early Return.

I'm currently back in civalisation sitting in a Nairobi hotel connected to wifi, my first Kenyan training adventure has pretty much come to an end and it soon will be time to find out the results.

After my race in the Hague I decided to change my original plan which was to fly to London two days before the marathon, now I arrive in London tomorrow (1st April) so have just over two weeks to do my final preperations. I am having another little experiment on Sunday by racing a 10mile road race (at marathon pace) this will give me another good indicator of how I fair racing after two days down from altitude.

My flight from Eldoret to Nairobi
My last two weeks in Kenya have been brilliant, I am really sad to leave but know I will be back sooner or later (hopefully sooner). The Kenyan people or so friendly and welcoming that I have made a lot of friends. Edwins sister Pamela tells me that I am now part of the family which I guess means I am now a Kenyan, all I need to do now is start racing like one.....

Tom Kiprop

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  1. Fantastic blog.

    In the spirit of the kenyan training "Experiment", have you consider getting some physiological testing done before and after your next long stint of kenya training? Obviously, the results that matter are the race results, but it'd be interesting to chart changes in lactate threshold, VO2 max, body fat etc. after a long stint of altitude training.