Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Return of the Jedi....

Three of the five hard sessions complete and I would like to say I'm feeling good, but at the moment walking is a struggle!! Our hills session on Monday was extra tough due to the mud, it was a 45 minute session but I kept strong to the finish. Nice easy 45 minute run in the afternoon where the group joined us. Tuesday morning was as usual our track session and due to the rains we started a lot later than usual getting to the track for around 9.a.m. The track was rammed as everyone had the same idea of starting a little later. Our session was 12 x 600m, 12 x 400m off about 1 minute jog recovery. My best track session yet averaging about 3 seconds faster on the 600m and 2 seconds faster on the 400m than the last time we did the session, I even did the last 400m in 60 seconds, a 400m pb at altitude!

This morning was a 2 hour 15minute “easy” run. Quite a contradiction it terms there I think, as it is impossible to run for that long out here in Iten and it be easy.

Last night we picked Edwin and Ken's wife Helen up in Eldoret. Edwin is back for two and a half weeks to sharpen up before going for a fast half marathon in France on the 17th April. It is good to have my room mate back. I have been promised a sight seeing trip on Sunday to Lake Borringo, this will be a nice little treat after my weeks training.

Having breakfast on camp with Edwin, photo courtesy of Adharanand Finn

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