Monday, 21 March 2011

The Week From Hell Has Arrived...

Less than one month to go until the London marathon and although I had a shocker of a result at the Hague I'm still very confident I can get a good personal best. Today is the start of “The Week from Hell”, my toughest week of training ever, I've just finished the Monday morning hills session, so 1 out of 14 training sessions done.

My journey back from the UK to Iten was quite uneventful, Ken and Kiptum were waiting for me at Eldoret airport and drove me back to camp. The rainy season seems to have well and truly started here in Iten as we have had a lot of rain every day since I've been back. The rains have quite an effect on training out here, first of all it makes it a lot harder to run as the mud is very “sticky” which adds a huge weight to your shoes, but I guess it all helps to make you stronger? The Kenyans hate the rain so won't train if it's raining, they will wait until it stops and has dried out a bit, if it doesn't stop they don't train! One benefit is that we have been getting quite a few extra long sleeps as the majority of the rain comes at night so instead of running as usual at 6a.m. we seem to train at 7a.m or 8a.m.

It is great to be back in Kenya, I definitely feel it is home from home now. All my friends on camp are pleased to have me back, even more so after I gave them all multivitamins that I brought back from the UK. Training has been good since my return and I had my best fartlek session yet last Thursday keeping up with the second group for the entire session. This week if all goes to plan I should do about 140miles, with hard sessions Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I get tired just thinking about it!

Thanks for all the messages about altitude training etc, it was really helpful to know that lots of other people have had the same effect as I had when coming down from altitude.

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