Saturday, 5 February 2011

And the Payn finally beats ALL the Kenyans....

I was awoken this morning at 4.30a.m. being told that my lift for the long run had arrived, got myself dressed, picked up my drink, put on my shoes then jumped in the truck where we were taken to the other side of Eldoret for a 6.00a.m. start of our long run. Today was my first 35km run up here at altitude and again I was allocated a personal pacemaker, my friend Langat. As it was still pitch black when we started and the road was very rutty I was over two minutes down on my target time after 5km, not a good start. As the sun came up over the hills we started to speed up and although by 15km we were still two minutes down on target I felt pretty good. I finished the 35km strongly and passed all the Kenyans (as they were only doing either 25km or 30km), another good session at the end of a very tough week.

Ok, when I said I beat all the Kenyans they actually finished a long way ahead of me but if some one is 5minutes ahead of you in a half marathon but stops at 10miles and you finish then you beat them, right??

Anyone for Ugali??

Edwin Kipyego didn't join us for the long run as he was racing in the Police Championships in Nairobi finishing a very credible sixth position, this qualifies him for the Kenyan National Championships which will be held on the 19th February in Nairobi where I will be a spectator.

Tired now so time for a nap the up for some Ugali dinner.

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