Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Majani aka “The Evil Massage Man”

I thought the running here in Iten was hard but it is nothing compared to the pain caused by the hands of our masseur, Majani. I have had lots of massages in my time and I know a sports massage isn't supposed to be relaxing but none of them come close to the agony of Majanis' massages! He seems to take great pleasure in finding my sore spots and pummelling them until I can take no more, he even laughs when I start to scream! I do hope all the pain is worth it. One of the guys on camp hasn't had a massage for five weeks now as he can't take the pain, he keeps making excuses whenever it is his turn or he conveniently goes missing.

Majani trying to look innocent

I have a couple of relatively easy days now before a 38km run on Friday (won't be fun) and then off to Nairobi on Saturday to watch the Kenyan National Cross Country Championships.

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