Friday, 4 February 2011

Cut Throat

The hard training continues and I'm just about copping, a really tough fartlek yesterday morning in which I had some competition as two other white guys turned up! I think they were Moroccans. The “Fartlek” was 25 x 1min fast/1min slow and as usual when we hit the first hill I got dropped, the other two white guys stuck with the group but my strength showed as I caught and overtook them both well before the end of the session :-)

I found out today that two of the guys that have been living on the camp have been asked to leave as they are not meeting the times in training/racing that the coach expects of them, two new guys will move in to replace them. Both of the guys were quite upset by this but have been told that they can still train with the group and when they start getting the results they can move back in. I think this shows just how competitive it is here in Kenya. You can have guys that given the chance could be world beaters but if they never get that chance then no one will ever here of them.

Next week I'm going to start doing little interviews with the guys I'm living with, some of them have quite interesting stories, so stay tuned!

35km run tomorrow, should be fun......

Anyone for a bugger....

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