Sunday, 6 February 2011

Living the Dream....

So today I was just chilling in David Rudishas house then we went for a bit of a cruise in his new Toyota Land Cruiser...... Was I dreaming, no, one of my training partners is a good friend with David and while he was giving me a tour of St Patricks he asked if I wanted to meet a few of the athletes that live there while they train, in one room a guy came out and it was none other than the 2010 World athlete of the year and 800m world record holder David Rudisha. He was really nice, we had a good chat then he gave us a lift back to the camp. You would think that now he is the fastest 800m runner of all time that he would have a big house etc. but he still lives in a tiny room on a basic camp.

The 2010 World athlete of the year with David Rudisha.... whoops, got that wrong! I meant, me with the 2010 World athlete of the year David Rudisha. 

This adventure just keeps getting better and better.....

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