Thursday, 24 February 2011

Nothing Special

Nothing special this week just been ploughing on with training. Probably my best track session on Tuesday, 15 x 600m. Windy 10km tempo run today was ok considering the wind and now I've only a few tough runs left until I start to ease off slightly for the half marathon on 13th March. Next Tuesday the track session is 2 x 5000m, 2 x 1000m, this will be tough.

Tomorrow there are some races in Iten, for the women it is an uphill 10km and for the men at the moment it looks as though it's going to be a half marathon, half uphill, half downhill. I say at the moment as it has already changed about three times, first it was half from down in the valley, then 15km, then 12km from a different route, so we shall see.

I did find out today that in Edwin's race last week he beat the course record of Duncan Kibet (the second fastest marathon runner in history) and is current;y ranked 9th in the world. I'm really sure now on the right course and with good competition he can go sub 60mins.

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  1. I'd suggest gosport but it'd be no contest! And he'd end up doing a couple of miles extra!