Monday, 3 January 2011

After our long run on Saturday we had a nice lazy day, I sat in the sun for about 30mins and got burnt, doh!! After that I sat inside and read my book and tried to learn a little Swahili (ku-kimbia = to run) and watched some more random soap operas. Edwin introduced me to his girlfriend, Marcy, who like everyone else around here was very nice, she seemed a little shy around me, but that was probably due to my poor conversational skills!

Just a though, it being January 1st and all, maybe I should make a new years resolution? I normally make a few and are pretty good at keeping them, last year one was to do 52 new things in the year, i.e. one new thing each week. I just about managed to do it even though some of them were a bit random! So this year I'm going to keep it nice and simple and just have one: “To enjoy life and be happy”.

After dinner we watched our favourite soup “In the name of love” it finished on a bit of a cliff hanger so I'm looking forward to the next episode!

On Sunday here in Iten most people go to Church in the morning and take the day as a rest day, I thought I would make the most of it this week and rest myself but in future will probably do an easy hour. Edwin invited me to Church with him but I declined not being religious and all, but maybe I will go next week as I think it will be quite an experience. Edwin told me about 500 people cram into the Church!

I was sitting in my “house” (they call the rooms we stay in houses, but they are basically one room split into three by hanging material, first “room” is the hallway to store shoes, second “room” is the living room with sofa and TV, third “room” is where the bunk bed is, I will attach a picture soon) and kept hearing a “baa baa” thought it must be coming from the farm next door but on venturing outside found we have gained three noisy sheep!

Got burnt again in the sun as I forgot to put cream on my legs, the sun is so fierce up here in Iten, if you don't put cream on you will get burnt in less than 30mins. I don't think the Kenyans have ever seen a white guy getting sun burn before and were all quite amazed when I took my watch off to show them the before and after, they say I will be as dark as them soon! I set up a little cinema in the afternoon and about 7 youngsters crammed into the house to watch “The Day After Tomorrow” on my laptop, I then showed the a video I took the other week of the snow we had back home, they couldn't believe anyone could survive in those conditions, let alone train!! I think they are trying to make me fat, as I had the biggest portion of Ugali at dinner, it was quite ridiculous! I couldn't even finish it and for anyone who knows who much I can eat, they will know that must have been a lot of food!!

I am actually surprised how much food they eat out here, no snacking just three good healthy meals a day, I guess when you train hard you need to replace all that energy! And my metabolism seems to have gone crazy up here at altitude as I'm always hungry by the time the next meal comes along.

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