Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Easy Session??

Off to the track in Eldoret this morning, didn't know what session we were doing but Edwin advised me it would be lighter than usual as we did the hills session yesterday, long jog warm up followed by three laps of the track striding the straights and jogging the bends. Ken then advised the session would be 10 x (600m, 200jog, 400m, 200jog). I am now dreading what a “hard” track session will be! I was aching from the hills yesterday and hadn't had any breakfast (the Kenyans never eat before morning training) so wasn't expecting miracles! Was a really tough session and was happy to get through it in one peace, I averaged 1.48 on the 600m reps and 68 on the 400m reps. Definitely feel like I've acclimatised now, so I can really start to push myself from now on.

The rest of my day will now consist of eat, massage, eat, sleep, run, eat and sleep.

Until Next Time

One of my training partners, Isaac

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