Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Jambo Tom Kiprop

So I've now been given a Kalenjin name, Tom Kiprop, I was given this name as it was raining when I arrived and Kiprop means (I think) “born when it raining”, lets just hope I can start running like a Kiprop!! Start of my first week full training and first up early Monday morning was a good pace run, I never know how far we are going but this one ended up taking 71mins, I finished 5 mins behind the front guys which was better than the 14mins I was behind on Saturday! In the middle of the run we hit some crazy steep hills, my quads were absolutely bursting with lactic, I could just about recover before we hit the next hill.

Bit of a sore heel on the run, I've popped some ibuprofen so hopefully it will clear up quick. 40 Mins very easy in the afternoon which was fine although it was very hot, can't believe most of the Kenyan guys still do this run in full tracksuits!! My heal has now come out in a big bruise, so I must have hit it or twisted it somehow?

Tuesday morning and we are up early for my first track session in Kenya, luckily due to most of us racing on Saturday we had a fairly easy session of 10 x 400m off 200jog. Ken set the target time for the guys at 65seconds per 400m and advised me just to take it easy and see how it goes, I ended up doing 66 to 67seconds per 400m so pretty pleased with that, should be able to keep up with the group in a week or two.

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