Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Day of Pain...

After last Tuesday where the track session was supposedly “easy” today was the time for the hard track session. Back in the UK a long track session would work out at about 10km, i.e. 10 x 1km. My session today was 4 x (2km, 1km, 800m) a total of 15,200m of hard running with the added difficulty of being at an altitude of 2400m. This was not going to be enjoyable!

We started with a group of about 12 athletes and although I was off the back for the whole session I persevered and was one of only 4 to finish the session, managing to keep at a speed of 5min per mile. Totally exhausted after this but more pain was to come from my masochistic masseur who finds any knots and pummels them until they are no more. I'm not sure what was worse the session or the massage.

After the session I had the pleasure of watching Eliud Kipchoge train, pretty awesome! I took a short video which I will upload at a later date.

For the rest of the day while we rested and recovered we watched repeats of various marathons including the world record from Haile.

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