Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hair Cuts & Hard Running

No cross country today as we found out it wasn't to be raced in Iten, so instead back to the long run, 30km this morning and I managed to knock over 2mins off my time from last week, I'm sure there will come a time when I stop improving but while it continues it keeps me a happy boy.

Ken dropped off my training program for up to the London Marathon yesterday. He based the training on when his wife ran her best time (2.25) but because I'm a man he made it harder!! If I can manage to stick to the schedule and still be fresh enough to race at the end of it I think a pb should be in order, but we will see.

I thought it was about time to have my hair cut this week so Edwin took me to the local kinyozi (barber), It took about 30mins and included a head massage and lots of lotions and potions all for about 40pence!! I will definitely go there again!! All the guys on the camp say that I look very neat now, maybe this is there way of saying I was scruffy beforehand!!

Taking Tea with a nice new hair cut

We are off to watch the Discovery Kenya Half Marathon Championships in Eldoret tomorrow, it will be good to see a Kenyan road race, I have heard they are quite a spectacle and last year one of the guys on the camp came 53rd in 64mins so I think it will be quick!! Should be able to get some good photos and videos.

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