Monday, 24 January 2011

Road Traffic Accidents, Martin Lel and Bloomin Wind..

This probably isn't how I should start a running blog post but I was coming out the pub on Saturday night after watching Arsenal (yes I am still in Iten, they love football out here) and I heard a massive “crash” come from the road. A car going pretty quick down the main road through Iten had smashed into a motorcycle that was pulling into the road, a big crowd quickly crowded around the motorcycle and due to the lack of street lights out here it was very hard to see what had happened, a few minutes later and another “smash”, not sure what it was this time but thought I had better leave before anything else happened. Turned out no one was too badly hurt but it just shows how careful you have to be on the roads in Kenya as they have a ridiculously high accident rate.

Before the eventful evenings entertainments Saturday was my first attempt at 30km out in Kenya, the route we have used for the 25km had some nasty hills over the last 10km but I was reliably informed that this 30km route only had two hills over the last 15km. What I wasn't told was that one of these hills lasted for 4km! And to make matters worse we had a strong wind going against us in the second half of the run, apart from that it went pretty well and I went through 25km in the same time as last week and kept the pace going for the final 5km. I'm definitely feeling stronger and getter faster every week :-)

On Sunday we took a trip to Eldoret to watch the Discovery Kenya Cross Country Championships. This is an event that has been going for 20 years now and is organised by the famous coach Dr Rosa, who uses it to find the next Kenyan Distance running champions. It was an amazing event to watch with over 500 people running in the Junior Mens 8km event (although I was reliably informed that about 50% of these were too old!!). In the senior Mens 12km race the 1500m Olympic Champion Asbel Kiprop was leading for the first half before dropping out and also Martin Lel, the former London Marathon winner competed finishing in 38th position. The venue was abundant with World and Olympic Champions, it was a pleasure to be there.

A lighter weeks training this week as I will be racing the District Cross Country Championships next Saturday in Iten.


  1. Asbel Kiprop, any relation? ha ha!

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