Thursday, 20 January 2011

Time for a time trial

Still recovering from my session on Tuesday but today we had a 10km tempo run. We drove about 15km out of Iten towards Eldoret then turned of the main road and measured (Using Kens Garmin GPS) a 10km route down a straight road. Luckily for me the route Ken chose wasn't too hilly (by Kenyan standards).

The ladies went off first then we were set off after them a few minutes later, I am still struggling a little with pace judgement out here due to the altitude but wasn't far off today and ran 34 minutes at an even pace of 17 minutes per 5km, I think if I can get this down below 32 minutes by March I will be flying. Edwin absolutely stormed the course getting timed at 30 minutes exactly, taking minutes out of guys that have run 28 minutes for the 10km! I am really excited to see him race and I know he is chomping at the bit to get out there, I think he will get close to 60 minutes flat for the half marathon if he gets a good course and some competition. What out for him in the UK between March and June.

Sarsh, Myself and Edwin

I am now getting used to having a short (perhaps 1 hour) nap in the afternoon, if I sleep too long then I struggle to get to sleep at night but I really feel it aids in recovery. I hope when I move back to the UK and get another job I can get “nap time” written in to my contract, but maybe not!

I've just about done all the sessions they do out here now (hills, track sessions, fartleks, tempo runs, long runs and easy runs) and although they train very hard I feel I will be able to cope with whatever they throw at me. I was chatting to Edwin yesterday about the session we did on Tuesday and he told me about one session they did last year on the track that worked out at 20km (that's 50 laps!), he said only 2 guys actually finished it and both were marathon runners and one of them went on to win the Rotterdam marathon.

Easy Run this afternoon followed by an easy day tomorrow and a 30km run on Saturday.

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